Episode 2 (β release)

A short while later, it’s time to roll the next episode out. This update not only adds the desired Turn of the Golden Witch to the game but includes a number of important bugfixes that will most likely affect you. We recommend you to proceed to How to upgrade page if you have Episode 1 installed or Downloads page in case you are installing from scratch.

We took good care of a number of graphical driver issues and improved support for low-end and old GPUs, which means the game may start to work properly even if it did not before. We updated our known issues page with new instructions and workarounds, please, check it out. A number of system ui improvements were made to polish the visual experience of the menus and controls. Typos and issues found in Episode 1 content were corrected as well. A more complete change log is available on Downloads page.

We are not stopping with this, episode 3 testing will start reasonably soon, stay tuned.

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