Just a step forward

Hello, we are very welcome to see you again.

After more than a month of shadow work we are ready to give you two pieces of news.

— Firstly, we are starting a new α testing lap covering Episode 3.
— Secondly, we are rolling out an update for the public β branch.

These are available as of right now (episode 3 is only available to alpha-testers). You are warmly suggested to try it and enjoy.

If you are willing to give our brand-new third episode a try, but you have no Kuwadorian access, what about requesting it and helping us a little? Though remember not to do that if disappearing is your plan for the next couple of weeks.

Normally we do not push anything to stable between the episode releases. This time was different because a number of critical Linux-specific issues were reported and rapidly fixed by us. This includes fullscreen functionality, and certain annoying crashes. We did not stop at that point and added various usability tweaks/features/easter-eggs initially planned for Episode 3.

We are far from finished in regards to gamepad controls, but we have still made steps forward. The following work is ongoing and you can see it in the release:
— Unifying ingame navigation;
— Moving closer to PS3 controls style (about 40% done);
— Allowing custom button mapping (see this faq entry);
— Supporting more gamepads.
The full changelog is available on Downloads page as usual. A new “geek” configuration interface is described in this faq entry. You might like some features of it.

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