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If you are updating your installation, please, follow the instructions!

Minimal system requirements:
The game will likely work even on a very low-end computer, but the more powerful computer hardware you have, the better your user experience will be.
CPU: 3.0 GHz Single Core CPU with SSE3 extensions
GPU: OpenGL 2.1 compatible GPU with 256 MB of VRAM and at least 4096 px texture size limit
RAM: 2 GBs (32-bit Windows users might need configuration edits)
HDD: 12 GBs of free space
Display: 1280×720 screen or larger
OS: macOS 10.6 or newer, Linux 64-bit with compatible libraries, Windows XP SP3 or newer, iOS 8.0 or newer

On Linux we link to,,,,,,, /lib64/,,,,,,, This should be supported on Ubuntu 15.04 x64, Debian 8 x64, openSUSE 13.2 x64, Mint Stable x64 at least.

On iOS we recommend an iPad with at least 2 GB of RAM.

To get the game running you need to acquire media resources, extra data and a game engine for your platform. Put them into the same folder and run the game engine to play.

NOTE: You are welcome to create mirrors if you upload exactly the same files as on the hosts below. You must fulfil redistribution requirements explained in our legal section if you want to post these links anywhere outside We will add your mirrors here, if you write us. We will not add hosts that pay the uploader.

Login: beta4
Password: phx0RyfXpTpgbiXHTMP36KJPlZZbknnO

(The extraction password is different — read the copyright message!)


Extra data:


Game engines:
Pick the engine for your operating system.
macOS 10.6+
Linux 64-bit
Windows XP SP3+ 32-bit
iOS 8.0+ (Apple mobile devices)

Extra data needed for upgrading from EP1-3. This is not needed for fresh installations and by using them you will make the game fail to launch:

Jan. 19th, 2017

  1. Redesigned save system with a number of saving and loading bugs fixed;
  2. Legacy opening is now bundled with the game, and it does not mess omake 4;
  3. Unified binary for macOS with AVX2.0 optimisations for Haswell and newer
  4. Restyled voice switcher allowing to hear the speaker;
  5. Minor macOS and iOS 10 usability improvements;
  6. Various performance improvements;
  7. Fixed several reported typos;
  8. Fixed ep4last ru localisation;
  9. Fixed Maria sprite in ep4 characters menu;
  10. Fixed chapter name mistakes in right-click menu;
  11. Fixed voice switcher unlocking issues;
  12. Fixed ep2 quick jump menu;
  13. Fixed text rendering bugs that could cause hangs or crashes;
  14. Fixed main menu new flag in ep4 not updating properly;
  15. Fixed automode sometimes causing text window to disappear.
Complete changelog (v)

Oct. 25th, 2016

  1. Added basic iPhone support (6S and newer are recommended);
  2. Added bluetooth keyboard support for iOS;
  3. Added touch scrolling support on iOS;
  4. Added env[steam_conventions] option to enable certain steam tl conventions;
  5. Added yo-yu op with subtitles, enabled by env[legacy_op]=true and requires extra files;
  6. Added simulate-reads ons.cfg option to workaround VMware video driver issues when rendering text;
  7. Improved iOS touch controls with broader gesture recognition;
  8. Improved dynamic rotation and scaling quality by supporting subpixel locations;
  9. Improved menu performance including initial log generation, config loading during rain;
  10. Improved game verification to ensure the correct audio files and produce clear errors;
  11. Improved the performance of certain scenes due to better video playback and image loading;
  12. Fixed fullscreen cursor unhiding with cursor=auto and cursor=none on macOS;
  13. Fixed a bug causing very rare flickering and textbox hiding on macOS.
  14. Fixed slightly decreased video quality on iOS;
  15. Fixed issues with CydiaImpactor when installing on iOS;
  16. Fixed broken opacity transitions in characters menu;
  17. Fixed a very rare visual glitch in chapter selection menu;
  18. Fixed character selection reset after performing a jump to line action;
  19. Fixed incorrect bgm volume decrease in certain places;
  20. Fixed displaying 11+ chapters in episode 4 chapter jump menu;
  21. Fixed save files showing wrong time sometimes;
  22. Fixed the reported translation typos and mistakes;
  23. Fixed a rare crash in Russian Bookmark menu;
  24. Fixed a possible crash in omake 3;
  25. Fixed a possible crash when quickly pressing ‘s’ button;
  26. Fixed an immediate crash on macOS 10.12.

Aug. 18th, 2016

  1. All episode 4 content;
  2. Platform support now includes iPads with iOS 8.0 and higher;
  3. Added new bubble effect with better look and performance (check breakup ons.cfg option);
  4. Improved video and subtitle playback including hardware decoding for iOS and macOS (enabled through ons.cfg);
  5. Better engine tolerance to low-end hardware including reduced memory consumption, effect optimisation, and better caching (check force-fps, full-clip-limit ons.cfg options);
  6. Various improvements to line jumping and save/loading features (the saves are still incompatible across the updates);
  7. Improved menu navigation and performed usability refinements (e.g. cursor / final-voicedelay-time ons.cfg options, multiscreen support, chapter skipping by pressing TAB);
  8. Fixed an issue with unobtainable trophies — all can be obtained from now on including tea party ones, but you might have to replay them;
  9. Fixed screenshot making and unicode support on Windows;
  10. Made some changes to the translation to match the Steam translation better (more to come);
  11. Corrected a few memory leaks, hangs, and accidental crashes.

Apr. 15th, 2016

  1. A few translation fixes including several misc typos;
  2. Two crashes fixed during the game credits playback;
  3. Fixed sprite flipping issues in episode 3;
  4. Optimised colour modifications for older GPUs.

Mar. 8th, 2016

  1. All episode 3 content;
  2. Background music was reencoded with improved quality;
  3. Font scaling support;
  4. Steam Controller/DualShock 3 support with rumble on all platforms;
  5. Menu and game interface tweaks;
  6. Multiple visual glitches and compositioning bugs fixed;
  7. A number of onexit crashes and memory leaks corrected;
  8. Legacy Intel GPU support fixes along with numerous performance optimisations;
  9. Lipsync issues resolved for Kanon, stakes, and some other characters;
  10. Video blending issues corrected in some battle scenes;
  11. Rain effect alterations and intensity corrections;
  12. Text wrapping fixes;
  13. Continuous translation improvements;
  14. More exact PS3 whirl effect reproduction.

Dec. 11th, 2015

  1. A few typo-fixes in English and Russian translation and images;
  2. Russian Shirabe translation updated;
  3. Rumble settings should work correctly now;
  4. First setting menu works properly with Russian locale;
  5. Use magic menu will not show incomplete chapters anymore;
  6. Fullscreen issues (autohiding and freezing) resolved on Linux;
  7. Certain crashes should happen no more on Linux and OS X;
  8. Text shadow is properly displayed with backgroundless textwindow now;
  9. Custom gamepad mapping configuration option was added;
  10. Gamepad-selected buttons will gain proper focus on OS X;
  11. Gamepad controls got a first refresh including bringing some inaccessible buttons in use;
  12. Various chars/tips menu corrections;
  13. Console configuration support implemented;
  14. Exit to main menu freeze corrected.

Oct. 15th, 2015

  1. All Episode 2 content;
  2. Various menu improvements, such as:
    • Better sound experience in Message Browser;
    • Smoother and nicer look of Save/Load with save creation issues fixed;
    • Numerous changes to game tips and characters to properly reflect the game state;
    • Bugfixes to main menu in ep2+ modes;
    • Corrections to Config voice switch section.
  3. Numerous visual artefacts fixed, such as:
    • Improved support for old GPUs without NPOT texture feature;
    • Eliminated various visual glitches in latest NVIDIA drivers on all operating systems.
  4. Game experience refinements:
    • Chapter titles are correctly positioned and shown above the text window;
    • Text is now properly centre-aligned in some scenes;
    • Faster chapter loading in certain cases;
    • Made some areas skippable;
    • Interface icons should no longer disappear;
    • Cursors are no more mispositioned at text window extension.
  5. Minor translation improvements for Episode 1;
  6. Multiple game freezes and crashes fixed along with internal changes made.

26 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. Hello, I’ve been having a consistent problem when trying to take the files out of the iso after mounting them. When I attempt to copy the files outside the ISO, I will normally get an error of the ISO getting demounted/removed and I am unable to copy the remainder of the file. As far as I’m aware, this problem has been happening for every section except for backgrounds. I’ve tried different things such as trying to single out the files and copying them to the desktop, but that demounts the ISO right away. Thank you if you have any kind of solution to this. Here are some pictures as examples after attempting to copy the files from the sprites ISO.

  2. Hi, good morning/afternoon/evening.
    I have a problem with the game. I already try install and re-install a lot of times but nothing was solved, so I came here to plea help.
    My game has several visual glitches and errors, for example, when I try open the config in the title screen, and then I go back to menu, the screen turns entirely black.
    When do I start EP 1, the warning “this is a fictional work, etc” not appear.
    Countless sprites are erased from the screen and only the mouth movings remains, and also countless backgrounds don’t appear in some screen changes.
    How can I fix this?

    Some screenshots about that issues:

    Some screenshots about that issues: (backgrounds missed)

    Also my pc configs:

    Thank you very much in advance

      1. “you might need to add an extra configuration option to the ons.cfg file. Firstly try a no-glclear option. If it fails to help, replace it with a no-texture-reuse line.”

        Can you explain this one better? What I supposed to do? (i’m layman, sorry buddy e_e’)

          1. Hi, i already try all the resolutions but i still can’t get rid of these glitches. \=
            I guess it’s happens only in win7 operation systems, bcause i try it in my friend’s pc (win7 too) and same errors/glatches remained (lol)… and his configs are diferrent from mine, so I think this isn’t a trouble that only occurs in my sys.
            Damn it, i really wantto enjoy this game rearrange. \\\\=

          2. Hi again,

            Let me assure you, that the game definitely works on Windows 7. The compatibility issue you ran into is known, and at least one of the resolutions should work. Most likely there is some level of misunderstanding or perhaps a minor mistake in our guidelines.

            I am fine to help you, but you should have some level of patience for that. Website comments are a little difficult to browse, may I ask you to create a topic on our forums:
            Please include the GPU name you have. For that simultaneously press [Windows] + [R] on the keyboard and type dxdiag in the window that appears. Make a screenshot of Display tab (something like that:

  3. I don’t know if this is just a computer problem, but when I try to extract some of the files I get an “archive is unknown/corrupt” error, even though I have it set so that .001 and .002 files open using 7zip. None of the background archives will open, and the .002 of the rest also won’t open. I’d like to know if anyone else is experiencing this or I need to find a way to figure out what’s wrong with my computer, aha. ;;

    1. Hello, you are not supposed to try opening 002 files on your own. They are used automatically when you extract 001 ones.
      Perhaps we should add this note to the description.

    1. Hello, the message you received says ‘might’, so there is nothing to worry about.

      If the update is not available on our website it means that you should simply wait a little longer. Such warnings will be removed once we are done with chiru.

      We have a few stability changes to push in our minds, so I would suggest you to visit us a little after the holidays to get them.

    1. Эти файлы не нужно открывать. Они — вторые части для архивов с раширением 001 и подхватываются автоматически при распаковке первых.

  4. can someone explain this further? very confused. do i download all of the links + the game engine that matches my system and then stick them all into one folder and click on the game engine? do i need to do something with the umineko game itself or replace files or something?

      1. Hi,
        This is not the same as the work on github. If you look carefully on their readme they explain that unlike us they only modify the original game in some aspects (e.g. voices, backgrounds) and do not try to recreate a complete version of the PS3 game with all the animations, effects, and convenience features (e.g. jump to line, picture box, trophies).

        Unlike the github version our game is fully standalone and you do not need to change anything in any of the pre-existing games.

        To get the game running you need to obtain: backgrounds_03.08.16.7z.001, backgrounds_03.08.16.7z.002, graphics_03.08.16.7z.001, graphics_03.08.16.7z.002, sound_09.08.16.7z.001, sound_09.08.16.7z.002, sprites_03.08.16.7z.001, video_03.08.16.7z.001, extra_09.08.16.7z.001, scripts_02.10.16.7z
        and unpack the first parts of the archives (the second ones will be extracted automatically) to a single game folder.
        Then you need to choose the engine for your system (e.g. Windows XP SP3+ 32-bit) and extract it to that folder as well.

        Let us know if you have any further issues.

        1. thanks for the fast response. i click the engine system after downloading everything (and extracting the content from the zip files) but, uh, what are the archives?
          i click on the .exe/engine and it says invalid launch directory as well?

          1. Each file with the .7z.00X postfix in its name is an archive (e.g. backgrounds_03.08.16.7z.001). You need to open 001 ones (part ones) with your archiving program and extract them :)
            If your program is not working try the recent version of 7-zip from
            As a result you should see the following folders in your game location: backgrounds, fonts, graphics, sound, sprites, video and some files including en.file, ru.file, onscripter-ru_win_rXXXX.exe, default.cfg.

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