This is our downloads section. By downloading anything from here, you confirm that you have read the copyright message and agree to the terms. Remember, that you need to own PS3 and PC Umineko games to play this. An easy-to-follow guide on how to buy Umineko games is published here.
If you are updating your installation, please, follow the instructions!

Minimal system requirements:
The game will likely work even on a very low-end computer, but the more powerful computer hardware you have, the better your user experience will be.
CPU: 3.0 GHz Single Core CPU with SSE3 extensions
GPU: OpenGL 2.1 or DirectX 9 compatible GPU with 256 MB of VRAM and at least 4096 px texture size limit
RAM: 2 GBs (32-bit Windows users might need configuration edits)
HDD: 15 GBs of free space
Display: 1280×720 screen or larger
OS: macOS 10.6 or newer, Linux 64-bit with compatible libraries, Windows XP SP3 or newer, iOS 8.0 or newer, Android 4.1 or newer

On Linux we link to,,,,,, This should be supported on Ubuntu 16.04 x64, Debian 8 x64, openSUSE 13.2 x64, Mint Stable x64 at least.

On iOS we recommend an iPad with at least 2 GB of RAM. Check out our forums for more details about mobile support.

To get the game running you need to acquire game resources, resource updates, scripts, and a game engine for your platform. Put them into the same folder and run the game engine to play.

NOTE: You are welcome to create mirrors if you upload exactly the same files as on the hosts below. You must fulfil redistribution requirements explained in our legal section if you want to post these links anywhere outside We will add your mirrors here, if you write us. We will not add hosts that pay the uploader. For extraction password read the copyright message!

umiproj_31.12.19.7z.001 mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 (md5: ee509ae7accb9200fa8e05f7ccaf8ad7, size: 1000000000 bytes)
umiproj_31.12.19.7z.002 mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 (md5: 5d51b485e669bc9bcb54023d46412c7a, size: 1000000000 bytes)
umiproj_31.12.19.7z.003 mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 (md5: d01860084ca2a6d0b32da22fad507ca5, size: 1000000000 bytes)
umiproj_31.12.19.7z.004 mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 (md5: bf3432625ad807355982c746d91fe56d, size: 1000000000 bytes)
umiproj_31.12.19.7z.005 mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 (md5: cbe8887d73957dfb9c07a191a68124ab, size: 1000000000 bytes)
umiproj_31.12.19.7z.006 mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 (md5: 7e6f40a61fef8684b0ceb786fb5c8110, size: 1000000000 bytes)
umiproj_31.12.19.7z.007 mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 (md5: b2cdb923b453e25166435c91ac8c7422, size: 1000000000 bytes)
umiproj_31.12.19.7z.008 mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 (md5: b6ad89658d14efc09221171cf6c05667, size: 1000000000 bytes)
umiproj_31.12.19.7z.009 mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 (md5: 1e04017084052253f9efaec3fd848bba, size: 1000000000 bytes)
umiproj_31.12.19.7z.010 mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 (md5: 42c9c1e99afadac9fc5e996162865a2c, size: 1000000000 bytes)
umiproj_31.12.19.7z.011 mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 (md5: 995db43143f19b8d2502d9462322e542, size: 1000000000 bytes)
umiproj_31.12.19.7z.012 mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 (md5: 9ea50f9c4a9dbc120c32ec25ad392f60, size: 883808702 bytes)

Resource updates:
extra_31.12.20.7z mirror 1 (md5: 84a501ed5b9cf98ad092923f0b5d4e7a, size: 1549196 bytes)

Base scripts (md5: f6c47d4b54a711b5d4ab4df447ee71d6, size: 10299411 bytes)

Game engines:
Pick the engine for your operating system.
macOS 10.6+ (md5: 08f53ea48012ec22fce00dfa2cbf0391, size: 12304506 bytes)
Linux 64-bit (md5: a15767042c6726e1f2ba7bbd54a345f1, size: 4376619 bytes)
Windows XP SP3+ 32-bit (md5: 339d77968fa4a4f08c002efbb3f1722f, size: 10265292 bytes)
iOS 8.0+ (Apple mobile devices) (md5: 975f8efc83b0c178509441d56ea15e19, size: 10482496 bytes)
Android 4.1+ (md5: 9bad6623f2c0ac9f25f171608019eba6, size: 11752429 bytes)

Witch Hunt language pack by @ooa and 07th-mod:
Witch Hunt scripts (md5: d0dbbf573b04113c6f906854f9d4229d, size: 4360443 bytes)

Brazilian Portuguese language pack by Knox Translations. Please follow the details at Knox Translations website.

Chinese language pack by SNS Team. Please follow the details at SNS Team website.

Italian language pack by Majotachi no Sub. Please follow the details at Majotachi no Sub website.

Turkish language pack by Witch Love. Please follow the details at Witch Love website.

Legacy resource updates for episode 5~7 users:
legacy_extra_31.12.19.7z mirror 1 mirror 2 (md5: 6aebe678d7faffb26a0e0b3344e043a0, size: 457189691 bytes)

Dec. 31st, 2020

  1. Includes preview version of externally contributed WH translation by @ooa;
  2. Includes full Pt-Br Umineko Chiru translation by Knox Translations;
  3. Fixed version may be outdated message in the main menu;
  4. Fixed marking all text as read after starting the episode;
  5. Fixed the ability to change clothes in episode 8 characters menu;
  6. Fixed rain effect display in episode 8 chapter 13;
  7. Fixed go to line in one dialogue in episode 7 chapter 14;
  8. Fixed character name in the textbox in episode 8 chapter 9;
  9. Fixed textbox size and position being incorrect after loading saves;
  10. Fixed chapter name being incorrect after loading saves in Chiru;
  11. Fixed message log showing incorrect entries in episode 8 chapter 9;
  12. Fixed right-click menu being accidentally enabled in omake;
  13. Fixed graphical glitches in CG Menu and with some Beatrice sprites;
  14. Fixed translation typos and overlooks in several places;
  15. Improved text positioning in the textbox for better look & feel;
  16. Improved performance with text rendering in dialogues and subtitles;
Complete changelog (v)

Dec. 31st, 2019

  1. All episode 8 content;
  2. Compatibility with episode 3 and 4 in Brazilian Portuguese by Knox Translations;
  3. Revised several scenes and translation parts throughout the game;
  4. Various message browser improvements;
  5. Fixed rain on macOS broken for some system languages;
  6. Fixed black screen in Tips and Grimoire;
  7. Fixed issues with multiview on Android.

Apr. 27th, 2019

  1. All episode 7 content;
  2. Compatibility with episode 2 in Brazilian Portuguese by Knox Translations;
  3. Revised select scenes in previous episodes to reduce censorship;
  4. Added reduce-motion option to reduce motion in animation;
  5. Changed audio output to fp32 by default for improved sound quality;
  6. Improved Message Browser performance and navigation;
  7. Memory usage reduction on mobile platforms;
  8. Fixed voice configuration accidentally disabling wrong characters;
  9. Fixed multiple Unicode support issues on Windows;
  10. Fixed Dark Mode compatibility on macOS;
  11. Fixed game reset functionality on Windows.

Oct. 23rd, 2018

  1. All episode 6 content;
  2. Various translation refinements based on the forum feedback;
  3. Improved menu performance and navigation on all platforms;
  4. Fixed black screen in multiple scenes after updating to episode 5;
  5. Fixed wrong background used in a certain scene in episode 5;
  6. Fixed message count numbering in right-click menu;
  7. Fixed lipsync issues when using customised audio formats;
  8. Fixed image quality loss for certain effects on iOS and Android.

Apr. 28th, 2018

  1. All episode 5 content;
  2. Compatibility with Episode 1 in Brazilian Portuguese by Knox Translations;
  3. Platform support now includes Android devices on 4.1 and higher;
  4. Implemented video renderer support for DirectX and OpenGL ES 3.0;
  5. Changed certain key bindings (<M>ute -> Opt+M, <S>kip -> Opt+S, Scr<E>enshot -> Opt+E);
  6. Improved fullscreen and resolution compatibility on all platforms;
  7. Added audio mute notification in the title bar (for accidental Opt+M presses);
  8. Overall performance enchancements and memory usage reduction;
  9. Fixed quake multiplier resulting in ultra-fast shaking;
  10. Fixed the reported translation typos and mistakes;
  11. Fixed rumble support and other issues on certain gamepad models;
  12. Fixed volume changes not applying in settings.

Jan. 19th, 2017

  1. Redesigned save system with a number of saving and loading bugs fixed;
  2. Legacy opening is now bundled with the game, and it does not mess omake 4;
  3. Unified binary for macOS with AVX2.0 optimisations for Haswell and newer
  4. Restyled voice switcher allowing to hear the speaker;
  5. Minor macOS and iOS 10 usability improvements;
  6. Various performance improvements;
  7. Fixed several reported typos;
  8. Fixed ep4last ru localisation;
  9. Fixed Maria sprite in ep4 characters menu;
  10. Fixed chapter name mistakes in right-click menu;
  11. Fixed voice switcher unlocking issues;
  12. Fixed ep2 quick jump menu;
  13. Fixed text rendering bugs that could cause hangs or crashes;
  14. Fixed main menu new flag in ep4 not updating properly;
  15. Fixed automode sometimes causing text window to disappear.

Oct. 25th, 2016

  1. Added basic iPhone support (6S and newer are recommended);
  2. Added bluetooth keyboard support for iOS;
  3. Added touch scrolling support on iOS;
  4. Added env[steam_conventions] option to enable certain steam tl conventions;
  5. Added yo-yu op with subtitles, enabled by env[legacy_op]=true and requires extra files;
  6. Added simulate-reads ons.cfg option to workaround VMware video driver issues when rendering text;
  7. Improved iOS touch controls with broader gesture recognition;
  8. Improved dynamic rotation and scaling quality by supporting subpixel locations;
  9. Improved menu performance including initial log generation, config loading during rain;
  10. Improved game verification to ensure the correct audio files and produce clear errors;
  11. Improved the performance of certain scenes due to better video playback and image loading;
  12. Fixed fullscreen cursor unhiding with cursor=auto and cursor=none on macOS;
  13. Fixed a bug causing very rare flickering and textbox hiding on macOS.
  14. Fixed slightly decreased video quality on iOS;
  15. Fixed issues with CydiaImpactor when installing on iOS;
  16. Fixed broken opacity transitions in characters menu;
  17. Fixed a very rare visual glitch in chapter selection menu;
  18. Fixed character selection reset after performing a jump to line action;
  19. Fixed incorrect bgm volume decrease in certain places;
  20. Fixed displaying 11+ chapters in episode 4 chapter jump menu;
  21. Fixed save files showing wrong time sometimes;
  22. Fixed the reported translation typos and mistakes;
  23. Fixed a rare crash in Russian Bookmark menu;
  24. Fixed a possible crash in omake 3;
  25. Fixed a possible crash when quickly pressing ‘s’ button;
  26. Fixed an immediate crash on macOS 10.12.

Aug. 18th, 2016

  1. All episode 4 content;
  2. Platform support now includes iPads with iOS 8.0 and higher;
  3. Added new bubble effect with better look and performance (check breakup ons.cfg option);
  4. Improved video and subtitle playback including hardware decoding for iOS and macOS (enabled through ons.cfg);
  5. Better engine tolerance to low-end hardware including reduced memory consumption, effect optimisation, and better caching (check force-fps, full-clip-limit ons.cfg options);
  6. Various improvements to line jumping and save/loading features (the saves are still incompatible across the updates);
  7. Improved menu navigation and performed usability refinements (e.g. cursor / final-voicedelay-time ons.cfg options, multiscreen support, chapter skipping by pressing TAB);
  8. Fixed an issue with unobtainable trophies — all can be obtained from now on including tea party ones, but you might have to replay them;
  9. Fixed screenshot making and unicode support on Windows;
  10. Made some changes to the translation to match the Steam translation better (more to come);
  11. Corrected a few memory leaks, hangs, and accidental crashes.

Apr. 15th, 2016

  1. A few translation fixes including several misc typos;
  2. Two crashes fixed during the game credits playback;
  3. Fixed sprite flipping issues in episode 3;
  4. Optimised colour modifications for older GPUs.

Mar. 8th, 2016

  1. All episode 3 content;
  2. Background music was reencoded with improved quality;
  3. Font scaling support;
  4. Steam Controller/DualShock 3 support with rumble on all platforms;
  5. Menu and game interface tweaks;
  6. Multiple visual glitches and compositioning bugs fixed;
  7. A number of onexit crashes and memory leaks corrected;
  8. Legacy Intel GPU support fixes along with numerous performance optimisations;
  9. Lipsync issues resolved for Kanon, stakes, and some other characters;
  10. Video blending issues corrected in some battle scenes;
  11. Rain effect alterations and intensity corrections;
  12. Text wrapping fixes;
  13. Continuous translation improvements;
  14. More exact PS3 whirl effect reproduction.

Dec. 11th, 2015

  1. A few typo-fixes in English and Russian translation and images;
  2. Russian Shirabe translation updated;
  3. Rumble settings should work correctly now;
  4. First setting menu works properly with Russian locale;
  5. Use magic menu will not show incomplete chapters anymore;
  6. Fullscreen issues (autohiding and freezing) resolved on Linux;
  7. Certain crashes should happen no more on Linux and OS X;
  8. Text shadow is properly displayed with backgroundless textwindow now;
  9. Custom gamepad mapping configuration option was added;
  10. Gamepad-selected buttons will gain proper focus on OS X;
  11. Gamepad controls got a first refresh including bringing some inaccessible buttons in use;
  12. Various chars/tips menu corrections;
  13. Console configuration support implemented;
  14. Exit to main menu freeze corrected.

Oct. 15th, 2015

  1. All Episode 2 content;
  2. Various menu improvements, such as:
    • Better sound experience in Message Browser;
    • Smoother and nicer look of Save/Load with save creation issues fixed;
    • Numerous changes to game tips and characters to properly reflect the game state;
    • Bugfixes to main menu in ep2+ modes;
    • Corrections to Config voice switch section.
  3. Numerous visual artefacts fixed, such as:
    • Improved support for old GPUs without NPOT texture feature;
    • Eliminated various visual glitches in latest NVIDIA drivers on all operating systems.
  4. Game experience refinements:
    • Chapter titles are correctly positioned and shown above the text window;
    • Text is now properly centre-aligned in some scenes;
    • Faster chapter loading in certain cases;
    • Made some areas skippable;
    • Interface icons should no longer disappear;
    • Cursors are no more mispositioned at text window extension.
  5. Minor translation improvements for Episode 1;
  6. Multiple game freezes and crashes fixed along with internal changes made.

201 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. Пожалуйста, помогите! Каждый раз после того, как я выключаю компьютер, у меня слетают все сохранения и пропадает звук. В ProgramData эти сохранения есть, но игра их не видит.

  2. Формат только 16:9 поддерживается?
    Сменил телефон и почти пол экрана теперь чёрные рамки.

  3. Смог распаковать архив umiproj_31.12.19.7z, но в нем отсутствуют backgrounds, fonts, graphics, legacy, sound, sprites и видео. Вместо них там 1 файл, того же формата, что и 11 файлов…

        1. Файла umiproj_31.12.19.7z не существует. Есть umiproj_31.12.19.7z.001. Его надо открывать, имея остальные части рядом.

  4. Вчера играл, залез в настройки, изменил громкость речи, продолжил играть. Сегодня не могу зайти в игру. Если удалить этот тронутый файл настроек ons.cfg, игра запускается, но на англ и без сейвов. Меню в игре язык на ру, выключаю включаю, “Invalid launch directory” пишет…

  5. Можно ли как-то избавиться от артефактов у спрайтов? Какие-то полоски-просветы шириной в пиксель на спрайтах появляются

  6. Привет, у меня проблемы с загрузкой ресурсов, я читал тот же ответ, но он не работает для меня, например, я загружал свой 7z три раза и то же самое с winrar, и архивы все еще выглядят как поврежденные, я не знаю, что делать bcs, я все перепробовал, и это моя единственная проблема :( Может ли кто-нибудь сказать мне, почему, и дать мне ссылки на ресурсы из другой формы

    1. did you manage to fix it ? i’m also getting corrupted archive .. and it’s not even asking the password . checked the md5 and it’s right on all the downloaded files.

  7. Доброго дня, в какой директории должны находится файлы игры в Android версии?

  8. Hey, just someone here who was going to play the Steam version but then found out Umineko Project existed. I’m having some troubles with installing UmiPro to Android: I’ve downloaded the Resources, Resource Updates, Scripts, Game engine for Android, and the Witch Hunt scripts and extracted all of those downloads to the same folder. However, I was never prompted for the password, and whenever I try to run the installed ONScripter-RU, all it says is “Invalid Launch Directory”. Anyone able to help me install this properly?

  9. Hey so im having problems downloading the resources, i have been reading the same answer but it doesnt work for me, like i have upluoaded my 7z three times and the same with winrar and the archives still looks like corrupt, i dont know what to do bcs i have tried everything and thats my only problem :( can someone told me why and give me the resources links from another form

  10. Здравствуйте, скажите пожалуйста в каком порядке проходить данную новеллу, просто там есть ещё какие-то чаепития, и вот интересно проходит одну главу, а потом одно чаепитие которое откроется или можно пройти чаепития после всех глав???

    1. Порядок прохождения:
      1. Эпизод N
      2. Чаепитие N
      3. ??? N
      4. Омаке N (опционально, доступно при клике на символ ©)

      Так в цикле по N от 1 до 8.

      1. А где можно найти чаепитие и “???” ?
        Или они после прохождения эпизода появятся?

  11. Здравствуйте , скажите пожалуйста , а где можно найти сохранения. что бы удалить и заново начать???

        1. Данные папки являются скрытыми и по умолчанию не показываются пользователю. Подробнее о настройках отображения скрытых папок операционной системы можно найти в Google.

  12. Здравствуйте, скажите пожалуйста где скачать файл umiproj_31.12.19.7z. его здесь нет, а когда всё загрузила в папку то включаю и пишут что нет определённых файлов, а в обновлении ресурсов не хватает что то слишком маленький размер файла

    1. Добрый день, об отсутствии файлов кто сообщает? Игра или архиватор? Можете привести пример файлов, которые отсутствуют?

      1. Об отсутствие файлов сообщает сама игра, вот так пишет ( Make sure you have properly unpacked ‘backgrounds’ folder. Some files in it are not reachable. на чёрном фоне всё это и следующие строчки тоже самое только вместо backgrounds пишется sound, video, sprites) после нажатия на экран всё вылетает

        1. А вы данные файлы извлекли из архивов? Т.е. в папке с игровым движком у вас есть эти самые backgrounds и так далее?

          1. Эти файлы есть в архиве обновление ресурсов, но в архиве с движком их нет, я всё извлекла в одну папку и выдает вот черный экран и что этих файлов недостаточно

          2. Смотрите, основные файлы содержатся в umiproj_31.12.19.7z.001, umiproj_31.12.19.7z.002 и так далее. Ссылки на них на самом верху в разделе “Ресурсы”.

            1. Вы скачиваете все эти архивы.
            2. Помещаете в одну папку.
            3. Затем открываете umiproj_31.12.19.7z.001 в программе 7-zip (
            4. Извлекаете содержимое в папку с игрой (файлы 002, 003 и пр. подтянутся программой автоматически).

            Затем вам необходимо обновить ресурсы игры с помощью архива extra_31.12.20.7z.

            1. Вы скачиваете архив extra_31.12.20.7z.
            2. Открываете в программе 7-zip.
            3. Извлекаете содержимое в папку с игрой и соглашаетесь на замену старых файлов новыми.

          3. Всё, спасибо вам огромное, вы мне очень помогли, всё файлы на месте ничего не потерялось, игру запустить получилось)) я просто раньше думала что просто надо 12 ресурсов перекинуть в одну папку, а не распаковывать, сейчас всё получилось, спасибо большое за такой прекрасный перевод и порт)))

  13. привет, я использую переводчик. при проверке файлов игры мне не хватает спрайтов.
    спрайты / bea / 1 / bea_a15_gaman7.png, спрайты / bea / 1 / bea_a12_gaman7.png,
    видео / sub / end_all00.rus.ass, видео / sub / end_all00.eng.ass и графика / thumb / chiru / fec_a.png.
    Где я могу их найти?

  14. I have a problem with game. Each time when i launch game i have this problem “Game File verification” and 2 file can’t find. Can i turn this check off?

    1. У меня проблема с игрой. Каждый раз, когда я захожу, то идет проверка и выбивает данную ошибку “Game File Verification”, после чего не находит 2 файлов. Можно ли отключить данную проверку, ибо заново скачивать файлы и распаковывать слишком долго.

  15. Здравствуйте! У меня в игре местами нет половины фона и/или от спрайта персонажа один двигающийся рот остаётся, подскажите пожалуйста как можно пофиксить? Все обновления накатила, шиндовс 8.1

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