Episode 4 (β release)

    Nine years ago the Japanese speaking audience got an opportunity to try the first episode of Umineko. Five years ago, our team started the uneasy task of delivering the best ever English and Russian editions of Umineko. Today we proclaim that the first half is ready to be played by the general audience. Happy Birthday, Umineko!

    We do our best to offer splendid quality. And that’s the reason it took us quite some time to deliver the question arcs. We feel proud of the result, both in visual and translation quality. We have deep respect for our α-testers. Many issues would not have been spotted without your attentive eyes. Regarding the English translation, we updated our FAQ where we cover its specifics. Have a look if you have any concerns.

    We care about being able to play Umineko on any platform we use. We offer native Linux support including Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, SteamOS, and several others. We ensure wine compatibility in our releases. We support Windows starting with XP SP3, ignoring the claims it is dead :). We support macOS starting with 10.6 including the old macs with 32-bit CPUs. That’s not enough. That’s not enough if you want to take Umineko on a short trip or play it on the move. That’s why, with this release, we add iPad support starting from iOS 8.0.

    Every story has its end, and so does Umineko. But not just yet. We have been silently working on Chiru since 2013, and we got it to launch with most of the visuals in 2015. As a present for you, we have Russian and English trailers for the upcoming Chiru release. Hopefully the most interested of you won’t have to wait much for the alpha with episode 5 included.