Team Info

Long ago (December 2010), Alchemist released “Umineko no Naku Koro ni — Rondo of the Witch and Reasoning” on the PS3 platform. In 2011 some team released a very early port of that game on PC but abandoned the project. Their work inspired two teams to continue. The first ones were the members of Honyaku-Subs (Russian VN Translation group), whose main goal was to release a Russian version of “PS3Fication” on PC. The second ones were future UmiTweak members, whose point was to make a “patch-like” game in a short time without modding the stuff when unnecessary. Everything was going well, but in the end of 2011 we had a serious talk with UmiTweak about a FullHD release. Honestly said, it was very hard to convince everybody, and in the end a new group was formed, whose main task was to build a quality FullHD game.

This group, which finally got a name — Umineko Project, was originally a team of three people: Giza, Knox and vit9696. Giza is our main graphics and script editor. Knox is the head English translation editor and engine programmer. vit9696 also codes the engine and is a Russian translation corrector. Current Russian translation editors include Aesthetic Dialectic, Himawari, and of course Kredjer, who still finds some time to give a piece of advice. Various people contributed the project at some time, like our immortal nuke tester Levani, we hope to include everybody in game credits sooner or later.