Umineko multilingua

On this page we list all the side translation projects our partners are working on in cooperation with us and with our resources.

Brazilian Portuguese

Team: Knox Translations
Contact email: deca umineko-project org
Announcement translation:
This post marks a new era, from now, the fan translation for Umineko VN for Brazilian Portuguese has finally started!
This project is being made with Umineko Project, who is making a port for PS3 version to PC. First of all, the PV:

At this moment, some EP1 chapters have already been translated. However, even the previewed translation is undergoing constant changes, and thus no dates are announced for the time being.

I want to say thanks to Umineko Project for supporting us and helping to bring this wonderful story translation to the public. Also many thanks to Higurashi Enternal, who works with me in this project.

If you have interest in helping us, leave a message here or send an email.