Project Info

This page details the ongoing work into the port of Alchemist’s PS3 versions of Umineko. As you might know from Team Info page, our goal is to provide a most complete version of Umineko remaster on PCs. Slightly incomplete and dated feature list includes:

  • The game is in FullHD (1080p) / 60 fps;
  • Migrated to OpenGL with shaders;
  • Currently we have Linux, OS X and Windows builds;
  • Dual-language: the game is in English and Russian with an updated translation (still in progress) — the edits/fixes to the English version bring the translation of episodes 1-4 up to the higher standard set by WH’s Chiru release, fix punctuation and consistency issues, make the translation compatible with a voiced release, and (optionally) incorporate edits that were included in the PS3 version;
  • Completely reworked text renderer: multiple proportional fonts with small caps and italics support, gradients, glyph borders.
  • Added async stuff: animated effects, opaque and partially transparent videos, full rain support (even the multilayered one, sandwiching sprites and visible outside windows);
  • Full CG and sprite support: animated lips with voice synchronisation, one-to-one correspondence with PS3 for colour manipulations (monochrome/sepia/darkened for nighttime/etc.), sprite positioning and movements, special effects like motion blur, etc.;
  • It is almost obvious from my point of view, but: picture box, reworked music box and menus, named textboxes, trophies, localised BGM title display support;
  • We are also working on enhanced joystick support (including rumble) and a more integrated Message Browser;