Episode 7 (β release)

    Dear reader,

    After so long without news, we are pleased to present the seventh episode of Umineko in all its glory. In addition to that, our Brazillian colleagues’ efforts made it possible to read the second episode in Brazillian Portuguese. Please proceed to our downloads section to update everything.

    The highlights of the update include our new attempts to deal with the censorship affecting the PlayStation release. We believe that the changes Alchemist made to certain parts of the story have a negative effect on its quality, and thus we tried our best to ensure that the key moments are restored as they should be in the second and seventh episodes.

    We are currently very close to publishing episode eight alpha, and request our testers, who did their best as usual, to stay tuned and wait for an update, which should appear soon after a short break we would like to take between the releases.

    Best wishes,
    Umineko Project