Episode 8 (β release)

    Six years to the day from our first introductory trailer, the last episode of Umineko is now available in English and Russian. We hope you enjoy it!
    At the same time, our colleagues from Brazil present a complete set of Umineko Question Arcs in Brazilian Portuguese for the first time.

    This is not quite our final release (as you can see, the beta tag is still attached), but it does bring an end to our obligations.
    What we promised ourselves we would do, we have now done.
    The fundamental experience of the PS3 version of Umineko is now available for speakers of other languages to enjoy.

    Of course, we would have liked to have done much more. The gamepad support leaves much to be desired and the menus are unpolished, to say nothing of the extra features we could have added — a more comprehensive music box was once imagined, and there is the content from Hane and Tsubasa, which will now likely make its way to consoles with the upcoming consumer release of Umineko Saku. There are endless TODOs left untouched under the hood.

    However, we are a small team, and this project — which we took on for nothing other than personal satisfaction — has been long and tiring. The time is right for us to rest. If there is anything major that needs to be done, we now leave it up to others.

    If any of you would like to build on our work, fix it, tweak it, expand it, tear it apart, rip chunks out and replace them as you desire — we now give you that ability.
    The engine, as deficient as it is, is now open source.
    The script and all the tools we built and used are now publicly available.

    Thank you to everyone who gave us motivation over the years. We hope we helped to make an already great game even more enjoyable.
    Please support Entergram’s upcoming PS4/Switch release of Umineko no Naku Koro ni Saku!