The End

Dear users,

Today we mark the official completion of Umineko Project and congratulate everyone for the goals we completed and the results we achieved all together shoulder to shoulder over the last few years. Although the year after the episode 8 release was not a busy one for us, we spent some time polishing the game content and eliminating all the issues reported by players all over the world. We did not run into many problems, but we hope that the changes we made in this update will make the game even better and more enjoyable to play.

This year made us realise that we are not an island in the Umineko community, and that the author himself has not run out of ideas. Umineko received an extra story and will soon get a new console release. Thanks to our friends from 07th-Mod and @ooa in particular, our version got an unofficial Witch Hunt language pack bringing freedom of choice to readers. Furthermore, Knox Translations team finished all eight episodes in Brazilian Portuguese, reaching content parity for readers from Brazil, Portugal, and the rest of the Portuguese-speaking world. And our Chinese-speaking friends from the SNS Team also are very close to publishing the complete version of the game.

Our work inspired several people to play Umineko for another time, to post new media on the social networks, to even build their own work on top of ours, and we believe this is still not quite the end. In this sense, the project will continue to develop even after our retirement, and we are very glad to see this evolving. Happy New Year and enjoy the holidays!

Umineko Project

8 thoughts on “The End”

  1. Здравствуйте, огромное спасибо за столь скурпулёзно проделанный труд! =) Этот проект настоящая жемчужина в сети! Надеюсь увидеть от вас портирование также нового дополнения Saku ^_^

  2. Благодарю за столь огромную и достойно проделанную работу. Жаль, что проект получил не так уж и много фидбека, как по мне ваш труд заслуживает куда большего. Просто знайте, все, кто участвовал в разработке этого порта, вы реально крутые!

  3. Just wanted to say that you seem to have forgotten to actually link to the WH scripts on the downloads page. Please add the link when possible, and thanks once more for letting me add on to your project.

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