One more fragment

    A small update post to keep our non-testers informed.

    Life has kept us busy and so we haven’t been able to dedicate all of the past months to Umineko, but some progress has been made.

    • We fixed the lips issue by reconverting the voice files and changing the algorithm — it matches PS3 pretty much perfectly now.
    • We created a dynamically resizing textbox which becomes bigger when it runs out of room for text, so that in future you should be able to use your own fonts or increase the font size without worrying about the text not fitting. (It helps with the existing font size too… Some text already didn’t fit.)
    • The OP songs have optional subtitled lyrics and translations now!
    • We improved the text rendering system so that text breaks across lines more nicely.
    • We reworked the system menus to add more options and make them look more attractive.
    • We have successfully fought buggy Windows GPU drivers, and even though some old drivers give us bugs, new ones appear to work reliably.
    • Fixed bugs, crashes, sped the engine up, and a number of other things.
    • And of course more translation editing.

    Our next goals are a fully-featured backlog and jump-to-any-line support. Wish us luck…

    By the way, thanks for your interest, we were pleased to read some posts on the internet featuring our work. We were a little surprised to see so much people around wishing to take part in the testing process. But from now on, we will recommend most users to wait for a public beta release instead of applying to our Early Access program. It should happen some time, and we would dislike to spoil the experience for the masses. Testers with a lot of experience filing bug-reports are still very welcome though :)