Rondo refresh

Rondo refresh

Summer has ended, and we thought that it is the time to keep our promises in bringing some translation changes and features. However, first of all, let’s start with an announcement.

In old days we constantly had to repeat that translations into all other languages are not really possible at this moment, but after reaching the half milestone we got a contact from Knox Translations. The result with a promo video you can see yourself in our new dedicated Umineko multilingua section. We are very glad to see how this experiment progresses, and wish our new partners luck and patience.

As usual there is no reason to worry about our own progress. The work on Chiru is ongoing, and slowly brings its results. We would gladly support side projects but only if that does not steal our time from the main goal.

First 4 episodes released were satisfying, not only in terms of the work accomplished, but additionally in terms of quality and stability. Fortunately we faced no issues that could have spoilt the impression of the game. And now it is the time to get even less critical ones sorted out.

We greatly improved iOS support. Touch controls were revamped and redesigned. External bluetooth keyboards do work now. From this moment the game should not only launch on iPads but iPhones as well. Additionally we eased the installation procedure and improved game stability and visual quality.

We added a promised setting to enable certain Steam translation katakana conventions, mentioned on this page. To proceed add env[steam_conventions]=true to your ons.cfg file. Due to fan requests we additionally added the support of yu-yo opening video.

Speaking of the bugs with the help of our testers we managed to find a few rare crashes and fixed them. Starting with this update the engine is compatible with macOS Sierra.

If you are still reading, we suggest you to proceed to our Downloads section to read the changelogs or to our How to upgrade section to get the update.

8 thoughts on “Rondo refresh”

  1. The job you guys are doing is awe-worthy. Simply amazing, thank you very much for all the hard work.

    On the very rare chance though, do you have an estimated (general) release date for chiru (last 4 eps)? I am debating on whether I want to play Umineko now, or start the entire series once all 8 eps are out. Thank you again =)

    1. Hi Chillax! Thanks for your warm words, they improve our motivation a bit.
      We cannot really help you to decide whether to play Umineko now or wait. Furthermore our policy is not to unveil most of the internal plans and decisions to the public. However, I could give you a few hints regarding chiru:
      – it is currently heavily worked on and most of the chapters are playable;
      – we do not expect our pace for chiru to be any faster than it has been for rondo;
      – episode 8 is rather complicated and might require even more attention;
      – chiru is going to be released on time of course :)

      1. Aw I’m glad, you guys have my utmost support =) And ah I see, I respect that. Thanks for the hints! I’m so excited and I think I’ll eagerly wait for the release of chiru. And then play them all at once by getting sucked into the Umineko world to get the full effect. I’m cheering for you guys!

  2. Hi, just wanted to tell you guys how amazing this project is & congratulate you all on your awesome work!

    I am currently playing through the Rondo episodes, and I can’t wait to play through Chiru episodes as you guys complete them.

  3. Hello,

    Version 4.0b worked perfectly but since update 4.1 i have a message at launch: Make sure you have installed all recent files update, some files not are not reacheable.

    I downloaded Script (2/10/2016) and game engine Windows (2/10/2016 r2397) and install them in root folder Umineko, i don’t understand… all worked before and i didn’t change nothing.

    Good works aniways. :)

    1. Hello,
      This is possible. Unfortunately due to our tricky file structure a lot of people failed to properly upgrade from the previous versions.
      As a result various nasty issues did happen to them. We seriously improved game file verification, and all these installations will now be reported as incorrect.

      If you installed a version prior to 4.0b or *any* extra_legacy archives, you will firstly need to unpack and install the following archives in this exact order:

      If you had a very old original version you might have forgotten to upgrade sound archives at some time (sound_09.08.16.7z.001, sound_09.08.16.7z.002). In this case extract these archives first of all before the previous three. (Only the first part needs to be opened, the second part is read by the archiver automatically).

      Please report that it worked for you =)

      1. Hello !

        Thank you for your answer, it worked perfectly with reinstall of:

        – extra_legacy_sound_18.12.15.7z
        – extra_legacy_10.08.16.7z
        – extra_09.08.16.7z.001

        Good job, i hope this will help others person like me. I look forward for Chiru now. :)

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