How to upgrade

Upgrading is a simple process that in most cases can be divided into three steps:

  1. Downloading new archives;
  2. Unpacking and merging their contents with the existing files;
  3. Optionally removing unnecessary files.

All the files are outlined in the corresponding sections depending on your game version. After the new release is published, these instructions are also updated. Unpacking and merging is explained on Downloads page. Unnecessary file list may not be complete, but it is guaranteed to be safe to delete.

Note: We have to remind you that the bookmarks (save files) created in a previous version will definitely not work or cause serious issues when loading. Please, avoid using them, overall game progress should be preserved and you may use jump to line feature of Message Browser.

The latest version is Episode 8 β (v8.1b). If your version is:

Episode 5 β (v5.1b) — Episode 7 β (v7.1b)

  1. Files to download from Downloads page:
    • Legacy resource updates for episode 5~7 users;
    • Resource updates;
    • Game engines (pick the one for your system);
    • Scripts.
  2. Episode 1 β (v3.1b) — Episode 4 β (v4.2b)

    There is no way to upgrade from your version. Please make a clean installation.